The Legal Marketing World Meets Kredible

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Credibility Lab Draws Hundreds at Legal Marketing Association National Conference

ORLANDO, Fla. — Kredible last week unveiled itself to the largest association of marketers in the company’s first target vertical, the legal industry.

Kredible created customized Credbility Lab sessions for members of the Legal Marketing Association at its annual conference in Orlando.

“More than 200 people visited the Credibility Lab,” said Brad Shepard, Kredible’s founder and CEO, who along with the rest of Kredible’s business development team became known on the LMA show floor as “the guys in the lab coats.”

Kredible CEO and founder Brad Shepard talks online credibility with a member of the Legal Marketing Association.

As a result of Kredible’s interactions with LMA members, the company now has more than 100 demos of Kredible’s products scheduled with law firms all over the nation.

“We really enjoyed our first LMA national conference,” Shepard said. “The breadth of the content at their conference was wonderful, the people were great, and we hope to continue our relationship with the LMA and participate at more of their events as the year goes on.”

Kredible is an Atlanta-based technology company built to help business professionals take full control of their credibility in the online world. Kredible has developed a groundbreaking technology engine that allows entire organizations help all their employees transform how they establish their credibility in the online world.