What Makes a Personal Brand

The Formula for Your Personal Brand: Solving for Z

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What do you think when you see an aol.com email address? If you’re like us, and you work in the digital space, that domain on a resume is enough to pass on giving you the interview. It says that you either don’t know or don’t care about digital trends and technology.

And that’s a problem of personal branding.

When People Think of Me, They Think Of…

Your personal brand is what people remember about you — and it’s what makes you marketable.

“You need a startup entrepreneur to speak at your event? Let me put you in touch with Greg.”

“If you’re looking for a journalist who knows healthcare, you’ve got to talk to Aimee.”

This is the formula: (X+Y)Z = Your Personal Brand

X: Your Skills

Y: Your Passions

Z: Your Product

Most people are solving for Z. You know what you’re good at. You know what your interests are. But you’re missing the multiplier, and that’s the factor that keeps you top of mind in your network. What you need is more product.

Show Your Work

If people are only vaguely aware of what you do, they’re hardly likely to suggest you for an opportunity. You have to promote yourself.

We know. It feels awkward. But generally, your friends and professional acquaintances want to hear what you’re up to — they just don’t want their feeds carpet-bombed with it. And they want to be supportive, especially if it only takes a like or a share on their end.

If you’ve worked on a product or website that’s just launched, share the project and your contribution. If you’ve published a paper or spoken at an event or conference, describe your experience.

Update your LinkedIn. Share articles on industry topics on your social networks. Write your own posts about newsy subjects to publish online. Start tweeting, if you’re confident in your social media chops.

At Kredible, we’re all about making your online presence reflect your offline reality. We even have a tool that helps you find trending topics in your industry and makes sharing content easy. Find out how we can help you look better online — and land that dream job.