Meet the Kredible Leadership Team

Brad Shepard - CEO Kredible

Brad Shepard

Chief Executive Officer
Brad’s LinkedIn Profile

Brad has been an entrepreneurial thinker before being an entrepreneurial thinker was “cool.”  Growing up in a rural, mountain town gave him time to think about the kind of opportunities he wanted to create for himself.  Brad founded Kredible with a passionate belief that a professional’s online presence and actions play a large role in offline results.  Beyond just a belief, Brad realized that to get most professionals to change behavior requires industry specific, research based facts – Kredible was built on this combination of principles.

Beyond Kredible, Brad has founded several other companies, including Monumental Innovation, a firm dedicated to innovation and new-business development within Fortune 500 companies, and Innovar Collective, which specializes in business process design. He began his professional career with Arthur Andersen in business consulting and then moved on to Ernst & Young to help restart their advisory services practice. Brad also believes in community service and in this spirit founded Innovar Cares, a charity that offers consulting services to nonprofits.

Brad received a BA in Business Administration from Middle Tennessee State University and his MBA in Information Systems Management from Tennessee Technological University.

Chris Lybeer - CIO Kredible

Chris Lybeer

Chief Operating Officer
Chris’s LinkedIn Profile

As the Chief Operating Officer of Kredible, my focus is on delighting customers. I love to do that by building high performance teams and culture, in combination with innovative technology. At Kredible my primary focus is on strategy turned into practical execution,  our market roadmap, and partnerships related to building an ecosystem around the Kredible offering.

Beyond Kredible, Chris was one of the early executives at Radiant Systems, a company that grew to $400M in Revenue and sold for $1.2B. At Radiant Chris was the GM of several divisions of the company, particularly those that were new high growth businesses based on innovative offerings. Chris also spent considerable time on M&A and partnerships, doing over a dozen deals in the small-mid cap space, and was considered the leader of the successful culture that defined Radiant. At NCR Chris lead strategy and partnerships in corporate development for the $2B retail division, and focused on building and extending the product portfolio with an emphasis on emerging markets.

Chris is passionate about his family, community involvement, and golf on days he is playing well. He has a bachelor’s of science degree in computer engineering from the University of Michigan.

Tim Kirkwood - CTO Kredible

Tim Kirkwood

Chief Technology Officer
Tim’s LinkedIn Profile

Tim heads all technology initiatives for Kredible.

Beyond Kredible, Tim was a partner and CTO at Monumental, a boutique software and product development firm, where Tim worked with major brands, agencies, and startups pushing the limits for the web, mobile, and social platforms. Tim has served as CTO for several startups ranging in diversity from augmented reality to the medical and energy sectors and was the youngest team member of EdgeDweller, a breakthrough innovation consultancy group.

Tim enjoys adventures with his family and is an avid surfer and rock climber. Tim has a bachelor’s in cultural anthropology from the University of Arizona.