Revamp Your Personal Brand For The New Year

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As we start the new year, we generally think of who we want to be and create goals to become that person. The goals might have to do with saving money, losing weight, eating better, or many other things.

We want to achieve these goals, but following through with them at a consistent pace every day or every week to create the habits is hard. That’s where most people fail. Change that requires consistency and new habits is hard.

There’s one habit that is critically important to your career. That habit is building and maintaining your personal brand. You might be thinking, ‘Personal brand? That sounds a little fluffy.’ Think of it as how you’re perceived – your credibility. Do people want you to work with them? Do people trust you to tackle big projects? What do people think are your strengths? Should you receive a promotion? Do we want to hire you for a job?

Our research shows that 62% of hiring decision-makers eliminate candidates for a potential job based on what they do and don’t find online about that person.

We also know that 91% of hiring decision-makers research candidates online even if that person comes from a referral.

Your personal brand is as important outside of work situations. Friends, acquaintances, and other people will stumble across your online profiles and make judgements about who you are as a person. The judgements might be very small, but they add up and people form opinions about you, your friends, your family, hobbies, and more.

If you’re not sold on why your full online presence is important, here’s a post with some research driven stats if you’re interested to see why your online presence and personal brand is important –

The Benefits of a Polished Personal Brand

Some of the main benefits of a revamped and polished personal brand are that you will:

  • Be able to start your career or make a career transition based on where you want to be instead of where you’re at now
  • Shape how people think of you based on how you want to be seen
  • Be seen as knowledgeable and having an expertise in the field(s) of your choice
  • Build trust with others who are clients, co-workers, prospects, or even curious friends
  • Take steps towards your dream career
  • Give recruiters a better chance to find you and pick you for a potential job

The are many, many more benefits that extend past work and into your personal life but the most tangible benefits are those that help you in your career.

While creating and maintaining your personal brand takes consistent effort, Next week I’ll share some thoughts on a few key steps you can do now to get started.


Paul Sims is a serial entrepreneur and Chief Operating Officer of Kredible, the leader in credibility management.   You can learn more about Paul on his KredCard.