How to Edit Your LinkedIn Privacy Settings

62% of decision-makers are eliminating candidates from consideration based on what they do or don’t find about them online.

-Kredible Research

Check Your LinkedIn Settings

It’s more important to make sure the right information shows up on online search about you than making sure you’re hidden to people trying to research you online.

Imagine researching two different people online:

  • Person A- You can learn about their work experience, skills, interests, hobbies, successes and general personality online.
  • Person B- They don’t show up in Google Search. They have a LinkedIn page, but you can’t see anything because it’s set to private.

All other things being equal, our research shows that Person A is seen as more trustworthy and likely to be hired than Person B. 

Don’t be Person B.

Take 1 minute and make sure your LinkedIn privacy settings are set to public. The button below will take your to your LinkedIn page and the video below that will show you have to check and change your settings.