Product Overview

In our research focused on high net worth clients of financial advisors, we found that 72% of the clients said online information is “extremely” or “very” influential to who they hire.

There is a large gap between how advisors present themselves online and how high net worth prospects are vetting which advisor to work with.

Our goal is to help you close this gap resulting in building a better online presence for your advisors and your firm, ultimately earning you more business. You can close this gap by investing in your advisors and team members by helping them build and improve their online personal brands.

Your Prospects’ Digital Consideration Path℠

The first thing we did at Kredible was started off with a deep-dive into focused research of the financial services industry. We take the results of the data to consult with prospect firms to build a Digital Consideration Path℠ and determine the best course of action for firms to take so they can improve the personal branding for their advisors in a way that improves the firm brand and drive leads and sales. The Digital Consideration Path serves as a guide to help firms improve their reputation management online.

All of the features of Kredible below are created because of specific research and data based on what will help your advisors acquire more customers. As the research changes, we’ll update our suggestions and guidance.

Where You Currently Stand


Get data you can’t find anywhere else.

Want to get a pulse on how your firm looks online? No Problem. We are able to provide in-depth reports of detailed data, opportunities and risks to guide your next steps in building a strategy or a case for change. This is the starting point for a robust personal branding/credibility and employee advocacy program.

Your Team’s Personal Brand

Individuals receive 4.4 times more profile views than the amount of clicks + interactions when sharing content online.


Add one more positive result to the first page of Google.

People do business with people. Customers and prospects want to know who they are trusting. The KredCard was designed from the ground up to be a mobile first, digital embodiment of your number one asset – your people.

Your KredCard leverages marketing and Search Engine Optimization best practices. It gives each individual a customized webpage of content you control to assist in reputation management and improve your online profile.

Kredible Score

The Kredible Score is numerical representation of how an individual looks online based on our in-depth research of what your prospects and customers are looking for when vetting options online.

The score is dynamic and will change based on different factors:

  1. Our continuous research changes in a way that affects how the score is calculated
  2. An individual makes changes to their online presence (ideally improvements) and their individual score is updated to reflect those changes.

Search Dominance

What shows up when customers or prospects Google your advisors or firm? It matters. It’s the 1st place they go to learn more.

It’s extremely important to own those search results and make sure they are in a positive light.

Our platform helps advisors own the first page of Google in a positive light.

Employee Advocacy

By scaling the study we ran for 3-months at Kredible up to 1,000 advisors for a year, we estimate that companies can generate just under $2,000,000 in advertising value from clicks alone.

Participant Reports for Content Sharing

In addition to curated news feeds inside our share center, Kredible has a live dashboard to give you reports of your employee advocacy efforts as content is being shared. You’ll be able to use Kredible’s reporting for regular insights into advisor efforts as well as to track the impact the program has.

The individuals using Kredible in your firm also have tracking and reports on the content they share to incentivize and create gamification for better adoption.


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