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Branding Checklist for Your Advisors and Your Firm

Brad Shepard Enterprise

  There are a handful of personal branding habits you only have to be done once or a few times a year, such as defining your personal brand goals, reviewing your professional bio, and checking your presence in search results for terms that people use when they look you up online. Other habits involve weekly action, such as sharing expertise-building content on social …

43 Stats – How Personal Branding Helps Sales, Marketing, and HR

Brad Shepard Enterprise

People Trust People More Than Brands 90% of people trust product or service recommendations from people they know, while only 33% trust messages from a brand. (Source) Why Should Your Company Care About Your Employees’ Online Presence? Your employees’ social media connections include former colleagues, classmates, and other friends who overlap in skill sets, industries, or professional interests. These are …

Why Personal Branding is a HUGE Opportunity for Mid-Market Firms

Brad Shepard Enterprise

“Control the narrative, or someone else will. Audit your own personal brand and then invest in it.” George Bradt, Learning from the CEO Connection Mid-Market Convention More and more large firms are implementing personal branding programs, increasingly aware of how their employees’ online presence can help generate leads, close sales, and build the company brand. Mid-market firms have been slower …

How to Connect on LinkedIn

How to Correctly Connect on LinkedIn

Matt Job Search, Personal Branding

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 70 percent of all jobs are found through networking. The people in your network are very influential when it comes to getting ahead in your career.  One of the big benefits of your network is that each person also has their own unique network, forming a web of connections.  Each person in …

Are Your Employees’ Personal Brand Helping or Hurting Your Company Brand?

Brad Shepard Enterprise

Marketers are becoming increasingly aware of the power of employee personal branding, yet most have no idea how their employees are representing themselves and their company brand online. For example, our research shows that: 81% of people have looked up an individual online before a meeting, after a conference, or during a presentation. Considering most of your potential clients will …

Don’t Connect Like This On LinkedIn

Matt Job Search, Personal Branding

It happened again this week…and last week…and the week before that: I received a LinkedIn invite from someone I didn’t know.  This is NOT a problem in and of itself.  But, and this is a big one, the invite didn’t have a note or any context about why I should accept the invite and what the purpose is.  This happens …

Follow up Email Templates for Interviews and Career Fairs

Matt Job Search

Do you follow up after meeting employers at career fairs or interviews? If, so, have you thought about the best way to follow up? To leave the best impression, you should follow up in a positive way soon after the meeting. I’m giving you two templates of how to follow up as well as sample emails using those templates. Here’s …

perfect followup post

The Perfect Networking Follow Up Email

Matt Job Search

When you’re in the job search, you’re going to start meeting influential people in person for job interviews, informational interviews, and networking. You need to impress these people and stand out in order to keep moving along in the hiring process, get referrals, and go into the interview with momentum. If you don’t impress these people, then you wasted both …

How do you want people to talk about you?

How Do You Want People to Describe You?

Matt Job Search

I attended the funeral of a close friend last week and, as those things often do, it caused me to reflect. I thought about the question, “How do you want people to describe you?” There have been many articles written about what you want on your tombstone, what kind of life you want to lead, etc. My favorite, from my …