Kredible Launch With Malcolm Gladwell Set for April 15

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Kickoff Event at Atlanta Symphony Hall Will Feature Malcolm Gladwell Lecture

Kredible, an Atlanta-based technology company built to help business professionals take full control of their credibility in the online world, will celebrate its launch on April 15 at an event featuring the renewed author and staff writer for The New Yorker, Malcolm Gladwell.

Kredible has developed a groundbreaking technology engine that allows entire organizations help all their employees transform how they establish their credibility in the online world.

“Today, 70 percent of all business relationships begin online,” said Kredible founder and CEO Brad Shepard. “And the dominant global marketplace is LinkedIn, which has more than 255 million members worldwide.”

Despite the growing importance to business of LinkedIn and other online channels, Shepard said, most business organizations have failed to take full advantage of the medium’s potential to build and maintain critical relationships.

“Most of the advice that’s been available to business about LinkedIn and other online channels is just too generalized,” he said. “It’s basically been people offering advice about how to use new media like LinkedIn, without recognizing that new media require a much more specific approach.”

Kredible’s approach to building online credibility is based on deep research within specific industries and a strict dedication to giving advice only if it can be personalized to the individual.

“We wanted to know how a law firm, for instance, could really make better use of LinkedIn, because the only available knowledge was coming from coaches and trainers whose advice was based, at best, on experience and gut feeling,” Shepard said. “So we did deep research into the law and other industries to understand precisely what builds an individual professional’s online credibility on LinkedIn and other platforms.”

Kredible’s technology engine allows a company to improve the online credibility of every employee quickly and en masse. Kredible offers two products. Lift helps individual professionals quickly establish a strong, basic level of online credibility. Once that basic work is complete, Kredible’s Engage product gives professionals the tools they need to engage directly and relevantly with their online networks.

“Ongoing, real engagement is the absolute key to success on LinkedIn, according to our research,” Shepard said.

The April 15 event with Malcolm Gladwell represents Kredible’s official “coming-out party,” but the company began its research and the construction of its technology engine almost two years ago.

“This event represents the culmination of lots of hard work for the Kredible team,” Shepard said. “But we’re just getting started. We believe that building and maintaining credibility in the online world will be a critical issue for business professionals for the foreseeable future.”