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Kredible was awarded the 38th best Branding Blog by Feedspot that every Marketing, Advertising and Brand Manager must follow. Thank you to Feedspot and their team for including us on the list. You can see the top 100 list here.  

Branding Checklist for Your Advisors and Your Firm

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  There are a handful of personal branding habits you only have to be done once or a few times a year, such as defining your personal brand goals, reviewing your professional bio, and checking your presence in search results for terms that people use when they look you up online. Other habits involve weekly action, such as sharing expertise-building content on social …

43 Stats – How Personal Branding Helps Sales, Marketing, and HR

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People Trust People More Than Brands 90% of people trust product or service recommendations from people they know, while only 33% trust messages from a brand. (Source) Why Should Your Company Care About Your Employees’ Online Presence? Your employees’ social media connections include former colleagues, classmates, and other friends who overlap in skill sets, industries, or professional interests. These are …

Why Personal Branding is a HUGE Opportunity for Mid-Market Firms

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“Control the narrative, or someone else will. Audit your own personal brand and then invest in it.” George Bradt, Learning from the CEO Connection Mid-Market Convention More and more large firms are implementing personal branding programs, increasingly aware of how their employees’ online presence can help generate leads, close sales, and build the company brand. Mid-market firms have been slower …

Are Your Employees’ Personal Brand Helping or Hurting Your Company Brand?

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Marketers are becoming increasingly aware of the power of employee personal branding, yet most have no idea how their employees are representing themselves and their company brand online. For example, our research shows that: 81% of people have looked up an individual online before a meeting, after a conference, or during a presentation. Considering most of your potential clients will …

5 Personal Brand Resolutions

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When was the last time you updated your LinkedIn profile? If you’re like most people, your profile has probably stayed the same since your last job change or since you first set up your account. Personal brand related tasks like checking your presence in search results and updating your social media profiles to reflect new accomplishments tend to be relegated …